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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Queen of England

I am working for a family originated from England. When i first arrive ,  i immediately felt at home.
Right at the beginning im pretty aware of the duties that i have  to deal everyday.
I'm pretty much the jack of all trade in the household. I' m not sure how i manage all but I know that I'm working nonestop during the day.
I  normally wake up at six in the morning during the school month  , not necesarry do any specific thing but just hang around in case someone come down early. Kids usually  comes down at six forty five and have a quick breakfast. The school bus normally comes at seven fifteen to pick them up.
I pretty much do everything for the kids, play with them, bring them to movies, feed them , read to them, help them with school projects, fetch them from school, send them to extra classes.
I pretty much like a second parent to them. Sadly, parents are caught up with work most days.

That was 10 years ago, now the kids are both grown up, although i dont babysit them anymore . I still have to ask them to hurry up if they need to go out at specific time. I still prepare thier food and lay in front of them in the dining table. I still heat up thier food in the microwave if it needs heating up. I still have to make thier beds althought they are 19  and 16 yrs old. I still pick up thier laundry from the floor, underwear, socks, and all. I still have to tidy up thier room, even though i gently remind them to at least tindy up thier desk and free up some clutter. It seems my words falls in the deaf ear.

Sadly this kids became a lazy bones. None of them lift a single finger to tidy up thier spaces. They seems not bother to do anything in the house. The house that they are living now are thier parents but yet there seems no sense of belonging from them.

They both seems  wanted to be serve like a king and queen.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Maids and thier BF

Recently, maids with bf's are hot topic in local newspaper and internet forums in Singapore. My question  is , what is so bizarre about it?. Some say maids are not suppose to have a bf  while working in Singapore. This is a total nonsense. Who says , maids can't have bf?

What i understood is when maid gets pregnant while on a work permit, the ministry of manpower will cancel thier work permit and be repatriated immidiately. It is clearly stated in thier work permit that any work permit holder is not allow to stay in Singapore and deliver thier baby here. The work permit is not also a passage to marry a local or permanent resident. However, if the work permit holder wanted to marry a local, she/he shall cancel his/her work permit and leave the country and return to apply for a letter of  intent to marry a local/pr to the relivant authority.
Although this procedure takes time to materialize, fiancees are allowed to enter the country but are not allowed to work  and needs to leave when thier social visit pass expires.
However, they can return again to be with thier fiancees as much as they want.

It is not also true that when the maids get pregnant, the employer's bond with MOM will be forfeited. What i understood is , if the maid gets pregnant and her employer does not report it to the MOM, then the relivant authority forfeit thier bonds which amounting to 5k.

Everyone with legal age are entitled to have one. No law that says maid cant have a bf. Maids are human too, they have feeling like anybody else.
Employers simply have no right to prevent thier maids of having a bf. It's none of thier business if thier maid falls in love with someone.

Maids are not puppets, they are human like you and me.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Maids offday in Singapore

When i first came to Singapore few years ago, I was'st allowed to have a dayoff for about 6 months as i was still in debt with my agency. The agency charged me  an equivalent to my  6 months  salary and i was  only entitled to recieve a SGD 30 each month for 6 long months.

This was a real surprise for me because i came here as a tourist. They explained that even though i came as a tourist , they are the one who found  me a job. In a sense this is true but why the hefty amount? I bought my own airfare plus i paid the lady who invite me over. I remember handing her 3,ooo pesos as soon as i arrived. She asked for it, i did not gave voluntarily. I came here to work not giving away cash...
So i assume thats how this daylight robber does to unsuspecting victims.
Agency fees has always been in the news because of its hefty amount leaving almost nothing to a poor girl who come here to work only to be fleshed out as soon as she stepped in at the airport by the money hungry agents.

Ok so i survived that ordeal, although i hardly stomach being have to work just to be able to pay my agency. I remember going for a medical check up as soon as i arrive , but i guess the medical fee was shouldered by my employer. I learned later on that aside from the fees that  comes from me, my employer also has to pay the agent,  so to sum it all ...the agency is earning a lot of money. No wonder some of them now are driving a Mercedes, BMW, Porche God knows what else, maybe they even live in condos ,i can only guess.

On my first year with my first employer, i was only allowed a once a month day off after that 6 months period ( while paying my agency fee). But even though its called my offday...its not really a offday because i have to work before i go out. I handwash clothes early in the morning, mop the floor and wash the baby bottles. I generally do my usual morning routine before i am allowed to take off . I have to come back by 5 pm because i need to look after the kids while my employer cooks dinner. Her husband MUST go for a jogging so he cant help with the kids.

When my contract expired my employer renew my work permit without even asking me first, but she told me about later on so  i ask her if she could allow me to have at least 2x off a month and she agreed. They let me have my vacation in my home country for a month after they renewed my contract.

I adjusted very well with my job, having been trained to do housework since young i did not encounter any trouble with it. The only thing that i really hate is washing car , because i  did not think that its a woman's job. In my home country  i did not see woman washing a car, i believe it was a man job all along.
Anyway, i did learned how to do it, and actually loving it , because thats the time that i could think, away from the kids noise and no ones calling me to do things. I spend couple of hours each time i do it, and that is long enough to free up my mind.

I love the children even though they are naughty sometimes, but after 4 years i left the family because i wanted to move into a expat employer whom i suppose are more open and understanding. Also they pay more than most of the locals.

I was given a sundays off  plus allowed to go out on public holidays , not given any curfew or things like that.
I have my needed  freedom, which everyone entitled to but not all are lucky. I spent my offdays attending enhancement classes, socialising with good company. , meet people, meet new friends  , go on a weekend holidays, attend church service and more.

I enjoy going around town, do shopping and eating out. I watch concerts, movies , visit museums, go for swimming, cycling , picnic, visit library , there are countless things that you can do here in Singapore. Even though its only a tiny island compared to where i come from, you have everything you need to do and see.

Offdays means the freedom to free your  burden. Time to connect with friends and family, time to search your soul.

Monday, December 5, 2011

My morning walks

As i  grew up in our small village in the Philippines, i spend lots of walking, because my family didnt own a car. Walking a great length is part of our daily exercises. As far as i can remember, my grandfather used to bring me along with my cousins to visit our relatives in a nearby village. We used the shortest route  if there is any  or else we have no choice but to follow the right path.

Our village lies in a massive rice plantation, so sometimes if we choose to go by the short route to our distination we go via  a rice field. I mastered to balance my step in a narrow path which about 10 inches wide. And if  i lost  my footing  i will difinitely fall on the rice plants which if its touch your skin it gets stingey because the rice itself and its leaf  is very rough.

The leaf  if you feel it  feels like a sand paper, quite rough if its rubbbed against your skin.
Me and my cousins sometimes  race along the rice fields, whoever walk slow could be pushed aside in the mud. The best thing about walking the fields is the opportunity to catch dragonflies or sometimes tree with ripe fruits. No one prohibited you to pick a fruit in our place. People are friendly and forgiving. Sometimes, farmers even  offer you thier vegetables or fruits as you pass by. I remember carrying  loads of sweet potato , string beans and tomatoes on our way home. My cousins sometimes moaned for it because it is really heavy. I am talking about a basket full of vegetable and fruits.
I rememberber growing up eating organic vegetables, farmers in our area does not always use fertiliser as the soil are already rich.

Ok back to our  long walks, yes it is  part of our growing up. When i was about 12 or 14 years old me and my cousin and children from our neighbour together with thier parents went to climb a mountain.
 We left very early, even before the sun rises because we aim to be on top of the mountain by  mid morning, so we can come back the same day. We did not tell our grandparents (who are our guardians that time ) that we are following our neighbour to the mountain.
We brought some water and food for the day. Hello, that time  phones are not heard  of so there is no way that my grandparents will know if something happen to us. But thank goodness we all came back safe aside from few mosquito and insect bites and a sunburn. And yes we brought home some fruits from the mountain and gave it to my grandparents, and for that we did not get any beating only scolding :-(

As a young kid i enjoy walking, and even now in my adult life.
Here in Singapore, it is one of my favorite past time. I have the previlege to do my walkies in the morning and also at night. I learned that if  i dont go for a walk my body will be aching for the whole day, but if i go for my usual walks i feel energized for the whole day and my mind is more active.

This is one of my favorite walkway, its a canal along sixth avenue beside Laurel rd. This is a very quite place esp in the evening, but i was told that there was a cobra sighting in this area so i avoided walking at night. Beside it, is a rain forest which is very serene and the smell of wild plants is heavenly. Aside from this place i love walking along holland road down to pandan valley then back to sixth avenue. Sound of the traffic didnt bother me, what i need is an earpiece and a good music from my ipod.
Back in my village my music used to be the chirp of birds and mooo from the cows, but as time changes it is more  hi tech and modern.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011


December is the loneliest month of my life. For some its the most joyous month because its the time of year where most people spend  it with thier love ones.

I am working here in Singapore for 18 years and i have never have the chance to go back home and spend Christmas with my family.

None of my boss present or previous volunteer to offer me to go back home and be with my family.
Most of them are foreigners , i only work for a local family once.

My present one is English family, which i served for the last 10 years.
Although they give generous gift on xmas, i  still miss  the warm company of my family.
I almost always spend xmas here in singapore alone, although most of the time i celebrate it with friends.

While my employer busy planning for the xmas holiday vacation somewhere, i am also busy planning what to do on xmas day.
I know there is nothing much  i can do but probably ask my friend what we will be doing on that day.
The most obvious is have xmas eve and lunch with them , sometimes in my place or my friends place, whoever is free. I mean whoever bosses are away. We are allowed to have parties while our bosses are away, sometimes our employer give us extra money for our xmas celebration. I remember my boss offered me to take 2 bottle of champagne from the wine cellar and 2 packets of smoked salmon for a starter.
We dont drink and get drunk like most people do, none of us wants to get drunk anyway. We are all good, well behaved people who enjoy a simple get together.

Normally my boss and family spends xmas holidays overseas and return after the new years day.
It might be the time where i will be on my own and have a peace and quite week, but its the most hated part.
The company of dog and cat doesnt substitute the warm company of a love ones. Although i get paid for doing nothing for the entire month of December i still feel the need of being with my family back home.

I hope to spend my next Christmas with my family.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Missing a friend

How many times we heard  the phrase 'friends are forever' ? Are there really real friends? How about the phrase 'Friends come and Go' ?
The last phrase seems to apply to  me accurately.
True, i have friends who come and go. When i was still in high school, i have  a best friend named Marina.
She is a petite 4 feet 11 inches sweet girl. She is the nicest of my classmate, well that,s what i believe.
We were in the same section since year 7 to year 11. We sat with each other in the classroom, we help with each other in our home works and projects.
We share ice cream during recess and sometimes we share our lunch too. We both like the same local artist, we enjoy the same song and we are both outgoing.

We escape classes numerous time so we can catch out favorite movie.
We had to be called in the principals office for our silly escapades, but we just giggled when the scolding from the principal finishes.

When we graduated in high school, i went to stay with one of my sister  in Manila to spend my school holiday.
By the following school year, Marina went to a college near our province, i did not follow her there although it is our plan to go to the  same  school when we finish high school.

After graduation, i saw Marina one more time, she came to my place to visit me, she stayed for a week and that was the last time that i saw her.

Its been a  2 decades  now since i heard from her. I am until this days wondering where she might be. I tried to find her via Facebook, but she share the same name with many people and its difficult to assume which one is her. I tried google too to find her but unfortunately didn't match my search.
I really hope that she is somewhere out there enjoying life and hope that someday, our path will cross one more time.